Calsep at SPE ATCE 2021, Dubai

Come and meet Calsep’s team at booth #703 in Hall 7 at SPE ATCE and try PVTsim Nova 5 and hear about the latest updates and features. 

Calsep is presenting two papers at SPE ATCE in Session 30 and 59. Calsep’s Senior Algorithm Developer Dr. Christian Agger will present the paper SPE-205918 Modified Method Of Characteristics For Generating EOR Oil Recovery Curves in Session 30 Enhanced Oil Recovery Wednesday, 22 September 08:30 – 11:55 in room Abu Dhabi B. Dr. Andre Vinhal, Calsep’s Senior Consultant in Dubai will present paper SPE-205887 Modeling Of Compositional Grading In Heavy Oil Fields in Session 59 Understanding the Fundamentals of Hydrocarbon Recovery Mechanisms – from Lab to Field, 14:00 – 17:00 in Room Al Ain A

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