PVTsim Releases

Nova 3.2 released

GENERAL LICENSE SYSTEM Update made to give correct message when all PVTsim licenses are occupied. License Manager (LMTOOLS) shifted to newer version. FLUID HANDLING QC Acceptance criterion for STO oil density changed to ±0.02 g/cm3 in the QC module. RECOMBINE Recombination of an extended GC Plus composition with a classical Plus fluid no longer allowed. MIX …

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Nova 3.0 released

NEW FEATURES AND MODULES FLUID HANDLING GC ANALYSIS INPUT Dedicated input option for GC analyses to C30+ or higher. Mole%’s or weight%’s of components and carbon number fractions including C7+ isomers can be input in the order reported in a standard PVT report along with C7+ MW and density. TBP ANALYSIS INPUT A TBP analysis …

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