Consulting Service:

Asphaltenes & Wax

Calsep offers evaluation of possible asphaltene and wax problems in the production of reservoir fluids.

Asphaltene Modeling Services

Calsep’s know-how and strong simulation capabilities are used in asphaltene modeling services, giving an overview of asphaltene precipitation in the reservoir, well, pipeline and process equipment.  Asphaltene modeling is based on production conditions and available data for the reservoir fluid.

An asphaltene risk analyses may start with an evaluation of potential asphaltene precipitation. If initial investigations show potential asphaltene problems, additional experimental data may be required. Calsep can help plan an efficient experimental data program that will provide sufficient data to develop an EoS model for asphaltene precipitation.

Wax Modeling Services

Calsep provides wax modeling simulations for wells and pipelines. The simulations are carried out using the fully compositional wax deposition flow simulator, DepoWax, which is an integral part of PVTsim Nova. During production of waxy fluids, a wax layer can build up over time and may eventually plug the pipeline if not mechanically removed or otherwise remediated. The simulation results include the development in thickness of the wax layer with time, the position in the pipeline of the wax deposit, and how the wax deposit influences the pressure drop.


Lay Tiong Lim

Senior Consultant & Technical Sales
Calsep Asia Pacific SDN BHD

Peter Jørgensen Herslund

Senior Consultant
Calsep Copenhagen

Rasmus Risum Boesen

Senior Consultant
Calsep Copenhagen

Sukit Leekumjorn

Senior Consultant
Calsep Inc. Houston

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