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Field Wide EoS Modeling

PVT modeling of reservoir fluids is a Calsep core expertise.

Calsep’s expertise includes development of common EoS models valid for a large number of fluids. Such models can be advantageous for handling multiple fluids in communicating reservoir zones and/or handling fluids with similar characteristics coming from different reservoirs. The similarity between fluids produced from different wells in Shale plays are often used to create Common EoS models that can be applied field wide.

With a Common EoS model, multiple fluid samples will have a common component list and a common set of EoS model parameters. This makes the common EoS model particularly useful in compositional reservoir simulation studies and in process simulation, where multiple feed streams are mixed. If each fluid had its own component list and model parameters, the total number of fluid components could easily increase to an unmanageable level.

When developing a common EoS model for multiple fluids, Calsep’s PVT consultants will customize the characterization and lumping scheme to ensure all PVT data (which can include gas injection data) for the fluid samples are simulated with the highest possible accuracy.


Lay Tiong Lim

Senior Consultant & Technical Sales
Calsep Asia Pacific SDN BHD

Peter Jørgensen Herslund

Senior Consultant
Calsep Copenhagen

Rasmus Risum Boesen

Senior Consultant
Calsep Copenhagen

Sukit Leekumjorn

Senior Consultant
Calsep Inc. Houston

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