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Multiphase Meter

Calsep offers customized PVT software solutions. It can be stand-alone solutions or solutions for integration in client or third party Calsep offers PVT software used for the conversion of Multiphase Meter flow rates to standard conditions.

Multiphase Meter Software Services

Multiphase Meters provide gas, oil and water flow rates at meter conditions. For fiscal and allocation purposes flow rates are required at standard or other reference conditions. The conversion ratios are dependent on the separation process and require accurate PVT calculations.

Calsep has delivered PVT software for Multiphase Meter calculations for more than 20 years. The solutions provided include:

  • PVT routines delivered as APIs for integration in the client’s software
  • Calculation of total flowing composition
  • Tuning to Test Separator data, including measured separator phase densities
  • Conversion of Multiphase Meter flow rates to standard conditions, taking into consideration the separation process
  • Dewpoint calculations
  • Simulations consistent with PVTsim Nova


Lay Tiong Lim

Senior Consultant & Technical Sales
Calsep Asia Pacific SDN BHD

Peter Jørgensen Herslund

Senior Consultant
Calsep Copenhagen

Rasmus Risum Boesen

Senior Consultant
Calsep Copenhagen

Sukit Leekumjorn

Senior Consultant
Calsep Inc. Houston

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