Wax Deposition


The Wax Deposition package is developed to model bulk wax precipitation and wax deposition in pipelines transporting waxy crudes or reservoir well streams. PVTsim can from a standard compositional analysis predict the wax formation temperature and the amount of precipitated wax at lower temperatures. The quality of the simulation results may be improved by further entering an n-paraffin analysis, wax amount in stock tank oil, wax appearance points and non-Newtonian viscosity data. The wax deposition at the inside of a pipeline is simulated using DepoWax, which is a compositional flow simulator fully integrated into PVTsim that handles wax deposition through a molecular diffusion model. The extensive output and plot options include wax buildup over time and the location of the wax in the pipeline, as well as how the temperature and pressure profiles evolve over time.

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