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    Common EOS Models

Calsep's expertise also comprises developing a common EoS model valid for multiple reservoir zones in communication and/or fluids coming from different reservoirs. With a Common EoS model a number of fluid compositions have a common set of component parameters (Tc, Pc, acentric factor, etc.). This is useful in compositional reservoir simulation studies and in process simulations with multiple feed streams.  If each fluid composition had its own model parameters, the number of components could easily increase to an unmanageable level.

Development of a single EoS model valid for multiple fluids becomes particularly challenging when gas injection is applied for EOR purposes. Since a single EoS model for multiple fluids is typically used in compositional reservoir simulation studies with a high number of grid blocks, a heavily lumped fluid model is often required. Calsep’s PVT simulator PVTsim Nova allows tuning to both routine and EOR PVT data for the individual composition while developing a Common EoS model.

Calsep can include reservoir communication studies in EoS modeling projects for multi-zone reservoirs to reveal whether a single EoS model is needed or the different zones might as well be simulated using different EoS models.

The fluid description may be exported to the most commonly used reservoir and well stream simulators, e.g. Eclipse (100, 200 & 300), VIP (Black Oil & Comp), CMG (IMEX, GEM & STARS), More, Prosper/MBAL, Saphir and Wellcat.