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    Customized PVT Software

The PVTsim thermodynamic engine is available through Open Structure modules

  • Flash (PT, PH, PS UV, HS)
  • Hydrate PT flash
  • Wax PT flash

Calsep offers customized PVT software solutions based on this technology as a consulting service. This includes both stand-alone solutions and solution for integration in client or third party software. Examples of software solutions, which have been delivered in the past are

  • Dewpoint control of natural gas
  • Online dosage of hydrate inhibitor
  • Monitoring of H2S level in process plant
  • Thermodynamic engine for process and flow simulators
  • Conversion of multi phase meter reading to production flow rates.

Calsep may deliver customized software solutions with the following fronts ends

  • Excel
  • Visual basic
  • Matlab
  • C++
  • Fortran

The exact user interface is defined in a dialogue with the client. The software solutions are always delivered with a User Guide and/or Help menu system.