Shale Fluids

A Calsep Common EoS model for a Shale field

PVT data is typically only measured for selected wells in a shale play, leaving most wells without measured PVT data. Calsep is experienced in building a single, consistent common EoS model for all wells in a play, which can be applied field wide.

Gas injection in Shale wells

Recent focus in Shale plays has been on enhanced oil recovery operations with gas injection. For simulations with gas injection, the phase behavior and miscibility of mixtures of the reservoir fluid and the injection gas must be modeled correctly. Calsep provides modeling expertise for gas injection, including for common EoS models, and can provide advice about lab experiments required to build a reliable model.

Shale PVT Research

New technology for the PVT behavior of Shale fluids is part of Calsep’s research. Areas include prediction of PVT behavior based on chemical reaction theory and applicability of depleted samples.


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